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A nomination has been put forward to NOAA for a new National Marine Sanctuary that would ‘fill the gap’ between Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary(MBNMS) and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary(CINMS). This would mean that 400 contiguous miles of California Coastline would be under the Federal Code of Regulations. California only has 840 to start.

A Marine Sanctuary has a Director and staff appointed by the Federal government, not elected by the people. They have control over the sanctuary from the outer boundaries, in this instance up to 40 miles offshore, up to the Mean High Water Mark. The Mean High Water Mark is determined by averaging the highest tides over a period of time, this would include most of the hard packed sand on our beaches at any given time.

While each Sanctuary has its own unique set of regulations, there are some regulatory prohibitions that are typical for many sanctuaries:
     Discharging material or other matter into the sanctuary,
     Disturbance of, construction on, or alteration of the seabed,
     Disturbance of cultural resources, and
     Exploring for, developing, or producing oil, gas, or minerals (with a grandfather clause for preexisting operations).
In addition, some sanctuaries prohibit other activities, such as the disturbance of marine mammals, seabirds, and sea turtles, operation of aircraft in certain zones, use of personal watercraft, mineral mining and anchoring of vessels.

In the nomination process there are 4 Criteria:

     The area's natural resources and ecological qualities are of special significance and contributeto: biological productivity or diversity; maintenance or enhancement of ecosystem structure  and function; maintenance of ecologically or commercially important species or species assemblages; maintenance or enhancement of critical habitat, representative biogeographic assemblages, or both; or maintenance or enhancement of connectivity to other ecologically significant resources.
     The area contains submerged maritime heritage resources of special historical, cultural, orarchaeological significance, that: individually or collectively are consistent with the criteria of eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places; have met or which would meet the criteria for designation as a National Historic Landmark; or have special or sacred meaning to the indigenous people of the region or nation.
     The area supports present and potential economic uses, such as: tourism; commercial and recreationalfishing; subsistence and traditional uses; diving; and other recreational uses that depend on conservation and management of the area's resources.
     The publicly-derived benefits of the area, such as aesthetic value, public recreation, and access to placesdepend on conservation and management of the area's resources.
We believe that all of the criteria are already met by existing, local, state and federal agencies and their existing policies, statutes and laws. Indeed criteria 2 states that the sites must already ‘have met or which would meet’ criteria already existing for another federal program.

What can we do?

It seems that the supporters of this nomination are operating under some misconceptions and that by educating them we may be able to sway their opinion.

                That the fish population in our area has been drastically reduced due to overfishing. Current regulations seriously regulate both commercial fishing and sport fishing. There are specific time periods during which we can and cannot fish, limits of take in both size and number of fish, Marine Protected Areas(MPAs) in which no fishing is allowed at all. In recent years these limitations have been lessened due to the fact that the fish population in our area has actually increased!
In the nomination it states “It is our intention that the designation document when drafted shall have no impact on treaty fishing rights. These rights shall not be modified or altered in any way by the designation of the Sanctuary. The designation document should not contain Sanctuary authorization to regulate fishing.”
This same language was used when the MBNMS was designated, however there is much evidence showing that the Director and the Staff of the MBNMS have proposed, advocated for and even directed the institution of certain MPAs within the sanctuary boundaries.
                That the ocean is being irreparably harmed by pollutants. The Sanctuary Designation authorizes NOAA and the program to assess civil penalties (up to $130,000 per day per violation) for violations of the NMSA or its implementing regulations and damages against people that injure sanctuary resources. There are already local, state and federal remedies and penalties for any dumping, sewer overflows, runoff pollution, oil spills, etc.
                That the Sanctuary Designation will stop oil and gas exploration and seismic testing. There are currently no oil leases on the Central Coast anywhere in the nominated area and the nomination states such. The seismic testing that was attempted by PG&E and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (a federal entity) was stopped by the California Coastal Commission, a state entity that if the sanctuary designation were to be implemented, would have no say in the matter.

Economic Impacts

There is a report produced for the Sierra Club of California titled The Potential Economic Impacts of the Proposed Central Coast National Marine Sanctuary. This report conjectures that there would be 594 jobs and $23 million dollars. Of this amount:
     18 jobs and $1, 767,000 are rated as ‘high’ probability. These are the jobs of the appointed federal employees and their wages.
     26 jobs and $883,500 are rated as ‘medium-high’ and also listed as ‘Government Expenditures’, in other words, our tax dollars.
     The remaining 550 jobs and $20 million are rated as ‘medium’ or ‘low-medium’ and based on increased coastal tourism, which the report states depends on such things as ‘aggressive marketing’, ‘signaling to the wider community that the resources in the particular area governed by the sanctuary are special and worthy of a trip’ and ‘the extent to which Sanctuary policies lead to tangible improvements in coastal ecosystems'.

This report is 17 pages long, with an additional 12 pages of references sited, within the 17 pages there are 22 statements such as, ‘beyond the scope of this paper to quantify’, ‘it is impossible to determine’ and ‘no current research makes this connection’. The report states that no determination has been made as to the actual economic impact of the sanctuary designation to the Monterey Bay area which has been in place for over 22 years. It is our contention that if economic benefits had been experienced they would have been studied.


Since all criteria of the nomination are already addressed by current policies, statutes and laws we feel that turning over control to the Federal Government is unwarranted.

We need to educate ourselves and our friends, family and neighbors as to the true condition of the area currently and to what the Sanctuary designation would mean moving forward as to the use by the public of the area.

As to the economic impact if what we need is aggressive marketing to improve tourism, then we need an advertising agency, not the Federal Government. As to signaling to the wider community that it is 'special and worthy of a trip' we believe that is already true and being advertised. And as for the extent that Sanctuary policies leading to tangible improvements, well there are no studies proving that it has or hasn't.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, we must make our views known to local, state and federal officials.

Attached are a list of informational articles, including the nomination itself, and contact information for officials.


You can cut and paste these links into your browser.

Nomination to NOAA: http://www.nominate.noaa.gov/nominations/

Economic Report: https://chnms.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/chumash-sanctuary-ecomonic-report-100814.pdf

Article by Ed Ochs: http://www.rockofthecoast.com/2014/07/15/chumash-marine-sanctuary-sailing-for-noaa-nomination-without-fishermen-on-board/

Article by Chumash Indian saying the whole tribe had not approved the use of the name:      http://www.rockofthecoast.com/2014/07/20/chumash-question-chumash-sanctuary/

Article by Tom Roth regarding the MBNMS and fishing regulations:   http://slofiberfish.org/files/Bait_and_Switch_082112.pdf

Janice Peters letter to the editor:  http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2015/02/24/3505047/a-cautious-look-at-latest-sanctuary.html?sp=/99/181/

Opinion by Jeremiah O'Brien:  http://www.rockofthecoast.com/2015/02/24/slo-county-fishermen-on-proposed-chumash-national-marine-sanctuary-were-unanimously-against-it/


William Douros
West Coast Regional Director
NOAA Office of Nat. Marine Sanctuary

99 Pacific St.
Monterey Ca. 93940

Mr. Douros has the nomination in his office at the moment. When you do write please put at the top of the letter in caps the words OPPOSE CHUMASH HERITAGE NATIONAL MARINE SANCTUARY. The letter can be short or long but the oppose part will get the point across.

Lois Capps, Congresswoman 24th District

            Washington, D.C. Office                                                                San Luis Obispo Office
            2231 Rayburn House Office Building                                        1411 Marsh Street, Suite 205
            Washington, D.C. 20515                                                               San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
            Phone: (202) 225-3601                                                                Phone: (805) 546-8348
            Fax: (202) 225-5632                                                                     Fax: (805) 546-8368
San Luis Obispo County Supervisors: Frank Mecham, Bruce Gibson, Adam Hill, Lynn Compton & Debbie Arnold.
               Room D-430, County Government Center
               San Luis Obispo, California  93408
               Phone:   805-781-5450 or 1-800-834-4636 weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Morro Bay City Council: Mayor Jamie L. Irons, Christine Johnson, Matt Makowetski, John Headding, Noah Smukler .
                595 Harbor St.
                Morro Bay, CA 93442
                Phone: 805-772-6200

Pismo Beach City Council: Mayor Shelly Higginbotham, Edward Waage, Erik Howell, Mary Ann Reiss, Sheila Blake.
               760 Mattie Rd.
                Pismo Beach, CA 93449
                Phone: 805-773-4657
Grover Beach City Council: Mayor John P. Shoals, Jeff Lee, Karen Bright, Barbara Nicolls, Mariam Shah.
                154 S. Eighth Street
                Grover Beach, CA 93433
                Phone: 805-473-4567
Port San Luis Harbor District Commissioners: Bill Barrow, Mary Matakovich, Dave Kirk, Jim Blecha, Drew Brandy.
                PO Box 249
                Avila Beach, CA 93424
                Phone: 805-595-5400
Morro Bay Harbor Department: Director Eric Endersby
                1275 Embarcadero
                Morro Bay, CA 93442
                Phone: 805-772-6254


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General News

The 2015 season for rockcod will be May 1st through December 31st.

11th Annual Lingcod Contest:

GRAND PRIZE winner will be issued a gift certificate in the amount of $1000.00 for the largest ling caught all year!

3 largest fish in each round will be issued gift certificates for the following amount: 1ST $300, 2ND $200 & 3RD $100.

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Contest News

Our 10th annual 2014 Ling Cod Contest results!

ROUND 1: 5/1 - 6/30
1. Joe Torres 24.10#
2. Paul Ito 23.6#
3. Ted Costello 20#

ROUND 2: 7/1 - 8/31
1. Charlie Barrios 23#
2. Kevin Rhea 21.9#
Manuel Lawrence 19.2#

ROUND 3: 9/1 - 10/31
1. Freddie Cardenas 27.12#
2. Dan Barrios 25.10#
3. Kevin Pham 22.1#

ROUND 4: 11/1 - 12/31
1. Jarod Pack 20#
2. Joe Torres 19.5#
3. Bruce Neff 19#

     Freddie Cardenas

Check This Out!

Check this picture out!
Freddie Cardenas from Visalia, Ca....Caught a 27.12 Lingcod at Point Sal 10/9/2014 This fish won the BIG LING Contest for 2014! Congratulations Freddie!


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